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Fabrizio's first love was surprisingly not music. When he was very young, he wanted to become the Pope! "Because being able to speak so many languages ​​and travelling around is so cool," was his explanation. At the tender age of four, the love for music changed his plans: "I always used to seat by the radio and listen to my father's U.S. Top 40. My father was almost dragging me to dinner, because I fancied more listening to the radio and singing along rather than eating. And that did mean  something because as an Italian, I’m supposed to love food!

Fabrizio’s talent did not go unnoticed. At the age of seven he made ​​his first appearance in the nursery school and soon after that in the school choir. Since 1990, he had taken part in various karaoke shows around Europe as a George Michael impersonator. When he was 16, he starred in school musicals and sang in school bands. His first major stage appearance was in 1994 when he  sang in the background choir of Barry Manilow!

From 1996 to 1998 he played in the hugely successful musical "The Black Rider", at the “Kammerspiel” theater in Frankfurt. Despite all these successes, Fabrizio spent all his time but not his entire heart and soul into the realization of his dream. The debt - as it should be anyway - is in women! Fabrizio: "At that time I was with my first girlfriend and loved her more than anyone else. Unfortunately, she explained:  "If you make it with the music, I´m gonna leave you." When the relationship was then terminated, they had both proved themselves.

In collaboration with the studio "Lock 15" in Frankfurt, FABRIZIO sang in 1998, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Goethe, the Goethe official song. With a self-produced demo, which he called "Fabrizio! Hi" wrote that he was at the Frankfurt studio" Jack "- step by step he became one of the best singers in the studio booked throughout Frankfurt Area! This work sparked his interest in songwriting. "I started sitting down with pals together in studios, drinking Earl Grey tea and writing songs," he says. "Someone would just play a riff or a chord progression and I’d come up with a cool melody and lyrics."
So it’s still a bit like that at present. "I play the piano but also set the harmonies.  I think composing is a nice, sociable event."

In 2001, he comes back with FAB and the song "Feel Good" hitting the Top 20 of the German Dance Charts.

Music is certainly his life. "I feel the music being simply too intense. When I hear a well produced song, which is not necessarily melancholic, I immediately could burst into tears. This feeling, this love of music inspires and motivates me to go further, "he explains. Sure, he’s had his doubts. Fabrizio: "There was a dark and a light side to me. The dark side said: "Who and why are you doing that?" And the bright side said: "Fabrizio, you´re gonna make it!" Plus: Fabrizio believes in fate! "10 years ago, a fortune-teller who read my hand said: "Fabrizio, you are an artist. I can see that there’s going to be a drastic change in your life within the next two to three years. Your life will change dramatically" Throughout 2002, “I waited and waited  but nothing happened" he says, laughing. But in 2003 he finally had his big chance: Fabrizio auditioned for "Popstars - the Duel". His talent, his perseverance, his will and discipline were rewarded! Even though the Italian was not a member of the Popstars band OVERGROUND was - he managed to get a record deal as a solo artist with Universal Music! "Turns out the fortune-teller was probably right! Now, after three years, my life has changed drastically, "he says, smiling.

Highlights since 2003

2004 Sound of Frankfurt - Live performance in front of 30.000 enthusiastic fans in his hometown Frankfurt, Germany. In the same year, he composed the official Olympic song for Eurosport presented in the German House, in Athens.

2007 Protagonist in the show "Berlin Rhythm" in Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast, world’s largest revue theatre. Since that time,  he has also composed songs for other artists such as Loona (Sony Music), Nevio ( reached gold status) and the Greek superstar Sakis Rouvas (4 x platinum). Furthermore, he has sang in numerous radio advertisements for well-known branded products.

2009: The musical diversity of the artist is evident in one of his latest projects:

The remake of the classic "Careless Whisper" by George Michael, a charming music video which emerged in the freezing cold in Moscow, Russia:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMDNLHjH678&feature=channel

2010: The charming entertainer Fabrizio Levita sings and takes part in the Japanese tour of the "12 Tenors". As the only pop singer in the band, he enthusiastically shared with 11 other outstanding singers in 13 Japanese cities an audience of over 30,000 Japanese people. (Link zur Gallery mit den Japan-Fotos)

2011 Fabrizio Levita sings „Oh Yeah-Chorus“ for the World-Hit „Mr. Saxobeat“.

THE 2011 catchiest tune by Alexandra Stan remains indispensable in the airplay charts. The striking male part gives the track that extra bit needed. Among other things, the song reached No.1 in countries like Italy, Germany and the UK as well as front-chart placements in Canada and the United States.

During Christmas 2011, he sang from 18.11. - 26.12.2011 in the most elaborate Christmas show of all time, at the largest theater stage in the world, once again as the “white man” protagonist, at the Friedrichstadtpalast.

In April 2012 Fabrizio Levita will return to the big TV stage with a show that the world has not seen before in the combination game show vs.Talent show.

The winner has the chance to win  € 1 million Euros!

Since spring 2011, the accompanying release of the album. More information can be found at www.reloungemusic.com

Since January 2012, he is travelling across the country with the Fabrizio Levita Trio:
Live recording at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTo31o5DG8I

High-profile pop musicians with passion, precision and fun refines ANY party.
With guitar, vocals and percussion, the trio band and Fabrizio Levita create a unique live music experience from celebrating and dancing to enjoying and singing along. The electrifying unplugged sound world hits from stars like George Michael, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Jackson are being celebrated.


Get this versatile Entertainer - guaranteed success for your event!

After more than six single releases, both in English and in Italian, and after having successfully completed more than 1000 live performances in the past 10 years, the journey continues.

Fabrizio Levita on Stage

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